A Handful of Dust

Collection II Editorial
Sequence Collection II shown on a model at the beach

SEQUENCE's second collection, A Handful Of Dust, is a journey within. What can we find within ourselves to overcome in an oppressive and inhospitable world?

Paul Conte

Community Profile
Paul wearing the Collection I Blazer.

Paul is a writer, photographer, and fashion enthusiast. He tells us about his work in the non-profit sector, and about the works of art and literature that inspire him.

Chris Wong

Community Profile
Chris wearing the Ferrum Jacket.

Chris Wong is the mastermind behind _CODED, a brand that produces forward-looking clothing and accessories. We discuss his journey, learning to sew and design, and starting his brand.

Jonathan Genziano

Community Profile
Jonathan wearing the Ferrum Jacket.

Jonathan Genziano is a nurse and fashion enthusiast living in Los Angeles. He talks to us about his experience growing up in Alaska, his move to LA, and his dedication towards playing the cello.

Collection II Retrospective

A prototype of the Incisura Blazer on form.

Background on the development of Collection II, our design process, and a deeper exploration of the concepts behind A Handful of Dust.


A closeup of the Spritus Overshirt showing the details of the fabric

The guiding principle for the selection and application of fabrics across SEQUENCE is to balance utility, comfort, and durability. We integrate advances in textile with classic textiles and natural fibers to create garments that are at once classic and cutting-edge.

Matt Myers

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A headshot of Matt Myers

Matt is a graphic designer, photographer, and fashion enthusiast living in Santa Cruz. He tells us about his experience with school, how he's stayed busy during the global pandemic, and reveals the best spots in Santa Cruz.

Jeremy Leung

Community Profile
A headshot of Jeremy Leung

Jeremy Leung is an illustrator and art director living in New York. He talks to us about his process drawing for publications like The New York Times, the future of illustration, his career leap from consulting at IBM, and his favorite spots in Brooklyn.

Leslie Zhang

Community Profile
A headshot of Leslie Zhang

Leslie is a content strategist at Facebook who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. She talks to us about how her background in journalism and fashion writing ended up in the tech industry, her move to New York City from California during the pandemic, and how her personal style evolved and found its way into her work.


Collection I
A photo of a model wearing Sequence Collection I Cordura Combat Wool Blazer and Hooded Vest

Those who adopt technical-utilitarian clothing as their uniform seek comfort and protection from the adversity of the world, whether it be fear from political turmoil, loss of privacy amidst technological advancement, or the feeling of hostility towards repressive environments. But hiding under the barrier of armament, we remain vulnerable and divided.