Closeup of Sand linen against the Composite Cupro-blend twill on the Spiritus Overshirt chest pocket.


The guiding principle for the selection and application of fabrics across SEQUENCE is to balance utility, comfort, and durability. We seek out advancements in textile development and integrate them with classic textiles and natural fibers, eliminating a false dichotomy: a garment can be at once classic and cutting-edge.

Finally, we believe that it is our responsibility to produce clothing with logevity in mind. All of our garments can be repaired, patched, and tailored. This is something we believe so strongly that we will even reimburse for repairs or tailoring.

Close-up image of Cordura Combat Wool

Cordura® Combat Wool™

Cordura® Combat Wool™ forms A Handful of Dust's Ferrum Jacket and Prelude's Blazer and Layered Pants. For more on how we chose to develop with this fabric, see our Collection I Retrospective.

Combining the comfort and aesthetics of wool with the durability of nylon, CORDURA® COMBAT WOOL™ fabrics offer engineered endurance. Woven using INVISTA nylon 6,6 staple fiber that is intimately blended with merino wool for an authentic classic wool look and feel with enhanced abrasion resistance and toughness.

The result of this union is a fabric that is roughly ten times as strong as wool alone, but still breathable and comfortable. To learn more about this fabric technology, see also the Cordura website.

Compat Wool as it appears on the back of Prelude's Blazer and Hooded Vest
Combat Wool on the Ferrum Jacket

Composite Cupro

"47-31-22 cupro-linen-tencil twill" is a mouthful. So we've taken to calling this fabric "Composite Cupro" for short. As the name suggests, this textile greater than the sum of its parts. With silk-like Cupro as the base, the linen adds durability, and tencil enhances its softness. Spun in Japan, the result is an incredibly lux, lustrous twill.

Cupro is at once natural and artificial- made of extruded fibers of recycled cotton. When combined with linen and tencil, we get the best of all these fibers' charicteristics. It's got a slight slub, a fine sheen, drapes gently, and is cool to the touch.

We use two weights of Cupro-linen-tencil blend throughout Handful of Dust:
130 g/sm for the Spiritus Overshirt, Angio Liner, and
180 g/sm for both pairs of pants, the Incisura Blazer, and the Atrius Anorak.

Composite Cupro on the Atrius Anorak
Composite Cupro on the Incisura Blazer

French Linen

We chose a Japanese-milled plain weave French Linen because its long-staple fiber means that its yarns are more durable than its contemporaries. The plain weave acts as a sort of ultra-fine mesh, allowing air to pass through for improved breathability.

For A Handful of Dust, we used linen for the "veinous channel" detail motif across. This motif represents arteries and internal organs: the heart on the Anorak, and lungs on Overshirt. The Spiritus Overshirt, Incisura Blazer, and Autograft Cargo Pants are also available in an all-linen variant.

Linen is tough, but also cool to the touch due to its relatively high conductivity. Linen resists dirt and stains, has no lint or pilling tendency, and can be dry-cleaned or steamed. Furthermore, the hand of linen improves with wear. Linen is especially suitable for spring and summer temperatures.

French Linen forms the pocket of the Autograft Cargo Pants
The Incisura Blazer rendered entirely in French Linen

Wool Gabardine

Wool Gabardine is a textile that needs no introduction. This warp-faced twill is sought after for its incredible durability and soft hand. Originally developed in the 1800s, Gabardine has since become a mainstay for civilian and military outerwear.

The particular variant of gabardine we employ (ULTRABLACK™) is spun in Japan with 30% polyester to further improve its fineness and colorfastness, and reduce wrinkling. Shown here on the Prelude Overshirt, this fabric has a subtle, dull sheen.

Wool Gabardine forms deep pleats at the back of the Prelude Overshirt