SEQUENCE is the convergence of emotion, concept, utility, and technique, rendered as fabric and media.

SEQUENCE is a clothing brand and multimedia studio. It was founded in 2018 by Brian Ford and Kevin He to interrogate the relationship between protective clothes and the vulnerability of those who wear it.

Collection I

SEQUENCE’s inaugural collection, Prelude, explores the feeling of vulnerability amid the need for protection. Those who adopt technical-utilitarian clothing as their uniform seek comfort and protection from the adversity of the world, whether it be fear from political turmoil, loss of privacy amidst technological advancement, or the feeling of hostility towards repressive environments. But hiding under the barrier of armament, we remain vulnerable and divided.

The collection's editorial tells the story of a person seeking safety in a compromised world, and their isolation and vulnerability once they find it.

Every piece in the collection gives the impression of armor, but flows with the wearer in motion. Rigid and structured shapes soften to reveal the delicate, considered construction made with natural materials. Seam lines follow the anatomy of the body, creating an exoskeleton. Pockets line the seams, intimate and functional only to the wearer. For more about the process of creating our first collection, see our newsletter.

Collection II

SEQUENCE's second collection, A Handful Of Dust, is a journey within. What can we find within ourselves to overcome in an oppressive and inhospitable world?

Pockets shapes and placement are inspired by inner organs, with openings that reflect surgical incision points. Seams wrap around the body like veins and arteries. Topstitched linen evokes surgical scars and medical gauze. Read more about the process of creating the collection in our newsletter.


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